Click here to see videos of the giant Turkish Boz Shepherd dogs working in their pastures with livestock, and in town being used as pillows by children.  The versatility of this breed makes the Boz ​a perfect fit for many families!  Giant, even-tempered, dependable, loyal, protective, and gentle, these LGD working dogs are a great fit for many situations!

Olde English Southdown Baby Doll Turkish exposed to Boz Shepherds in Western Montana, USA, for their first time.

Boz Shepherd dogs (19 months and 3 months 3 weeks) socializing in Eastern Texas, USA, during a local parade.

Adolescent Boz Shepherds protecting their flock when alerted in their pasture, Eastern Texas, USA.

Male Purebred Turkish Boz Shepherds (submissive male is 2 years, all others are 10 month-old adolescents) playing in their pasture in Texas, USA.  There is also one purebred Kangal with them.

Turkish Boz Female in her native Turkey.  (Note: This video is in Turkish, but is discussing the breed standard of the Boz and much can be understood simply by watching.)  Please visit the Breed Standard page for the breed standard in English.

A picture gallery showing the wide range of characteristics of the çoban köpegi (Turkish Shepherd Dogs) in their native Turkey.  The Turkish Boz Shepherd is a regional variant of the çoban köpegi dog.  Visit the Breed History page for more information regarding their heritage.