Is the Boz Right for YOU?

​Compare the Turkish Boz Shepherd to the Kangal, Akbash, Anatolian Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, and other giant working dogs to see if the Boz is the right fit for you!  The Boz has become the dog breed of choice for many ranchers / farmers, and families with children!

Is the Turkish Boz Shepherd Right for YOU?

Please Note: There are several Livestock Guardian LGD breeds, and hundreds of dog breeds in general, all of which we respect and enjoy for their own strengths and qualities.  And while we admire each of these breeds for its abilities and uniquenesses, we are drawn to the Boz Shepherd for their strengths and abilities.  By our promoting the Boz Shepherd, we are not consequently devaluing or downplaying any other breeds, their breeders, or implying that the Boz Shepherd is indeed the right breed for every individual in every situation.  But if the Boz Shepherd IS the perfect breed for YOU and YOUR situation, we want to help you make an informed, responsible decision about your new Boz Shepherd.   

The Boz Shepherd is unmatched in its balance of strength, function, size, loyalty, intelligence, guardian instincts, and being gentle and reliable with his/her family and children.  However . . . 

If you DO NOT want a dog that:

  • Will NOT allow the UPS man into your yard without you there
  • Needs formal introduction to visitors to know he should let them on your property
  • Takes up an entire couch or bed when he lays down
  • Will be 100-250 lbs. and 29-36" tall at the shoulders at full maturity
  • Requires socialization in varied environments from a young age
  • Can drool after drinking water
  • Cannot be left isolated for long periods of time
  • Will still play like a puppy at 150 lbs.
  • Sheds at least twice a year
  • Will not hesitate to attack and kill predators to protect his flock, family, or herd
  • Can run 28-40 mph for miles
  • Needs a purpose and daily interaction with a herd or family to be well adjusted
  • Is smart enough to easily reason and problem solve, without your direction
  • Is tall enough to counter surf and drink out of your kitchen sink, unless trained not to
  • Must and WILL be alpha dog. ** If you already have a very dominant dog that you suspect may not fully submit to anther dog, please reconsider adopting the Turkish Boz Shepherd.

Then a Boz Shepherd MAY NOT bethe right dog for you.

If you DO want a dog that:

  • Will defend your livestock and family with his life without hesitation
  • Has the physical ability to defend against larger predators
  • Is fully submissive to each and every family member, including children
  • Wants to be a giant lap dog and loyal companion
  • Will be perfectly content being used as a giant pillow, play structure, or small pony by small children
  • Is one of, if not the most powerful dogs in the world
  • Is innately a guardian and is less likely to "play" with livestock
  • Will keep your family and children safe while you are away
  • Is a great hiking, hunting, and outdoors companion, able to run for miles
  • Has fewer health issues and a long life expectancy
  • Learns quickly and is highly intelligent
  • Can withstand all weather conditions, from extreme heat to extreme cold, exceptionally well
  • Only eats as much as an average sized labrador retriever, despite his giant size
  • Will not bark unless there is an actual reason or threat
  • Can be taught from a young age to accept other dogs and family friends

Then a Boz Shepherd MAY be the RIGHT dog for you.

If you think that the Boz Shepherd IS the RIGHT dog for you, please visit our "Find a Puppy" page.