Find a Puppy

​Find a Turkish Boz Shepherd Puppy by locating a breeder near you!  The Boz is a LGD working breed with an even-temperament and natural guarding abilities for flock or family.  Great with kids and adaptable to residential life; learn more about this giant, loving and loyal protection breed to see if the Boz is the perfect fit for you in your situation. 

While the Turkish Boz Breeders Association (TBBA) does not directly sell or rehome Boz Shepherds, we highly urge potential buyers to contact our registered breeders to find your new guardian.

Crucial Information for the Buyer:


  • The Turkish Boz Shepherd is newly available in the United States, with around 35 purebred Boz Shepherds currently in country.  We have heard rumors of purebred Boz Shepherds beyond those offered by our Registered Breeders below being availabl for sale, but due to the limited availability of the dogs, have to question the validity of these claims.  The only way to ensure that a Turkish Boz Shepherd is truly a Turkish Boz Shepherd is to purchase from a TBBA Registered Breeder.  
  • The temperament and health issues of crosses and mixes of unapproved, unregistered Boz Shepherds can result in an overly aggressive, truly dangerous dog.  We have firsthand accounts of Boz Shepherd mixes with uncharacteristic dog aggression and health issues which are not found in the Boz lines that the offspring resulted from.  

Members of the Turkish Boz Breeders Association DO NOT condone dog fighting, maltreatment of dogs, and earnestly stand by their mission to breed the Turkish Boz Shepherd as it is intended as a loyal, dependable livestock guardian and caring, loving family protection dog.  Find your next Turkish Boz Shepherd Puppy today!  Please do not contact us or our breeders if you do not have the purest of intentions regarding the purchase or adoption of a puppy or Turkish Boz Shepherd dog.  


Please refer to our REGISTERED TBBA BREEDERS page to locate a Purebred Turkish Boz Shepherd or Percentage Boz puppy or dog!