Membership Code of Ethics

​Owners, members, breeders, and supporters of Turkish Boz Shepherds and the TBBA adhere to a professional code of ethics.  Learn more about these working and family dogs, the TBBA, and its membership today!


PURPOSE: The purpose of the TBBA Code of Ethics is to educate and instill within its members the importance of humane treatment toward the Turkish Boz Shepherd dog and to provide guidelines so that each member fulfills the objectives and intentions of the TBBA set forth in the Association's Constitution and Registered Breeder Bylaws.


All Members Shall:

(a)  Adhere to and support TBBA's position which firmly abhors dog fighting and the inhumane treatment of dogs.

(b)  Maintain the best possible standards of health, cleanliness, safety and care of their dogs, including dog socialization from a young age.

(c)  Consider the welfare of the breed when engaged in any activities involving Turkish Boz Shepherd dogs and refrain from any activities which would be prejudicial to the best interest of the breed or the TBBA.

(d)  Bear the responsibility for the truth and accuracy of all statements, information, photographs, and videos submitted for any posting or publication.

(e)  Learn about the breed, its characteristics, and other pertinent information to further the advancement of the breed through the education of others without misrepresentation.

(f)  Not make false or misleading statements regarding the character of any Association member who meets the standards of the TBBA Code of Ethics.


In addition to the Member Ethics, all Registered Breeder Members Shall:

(a)  Breed Turkish Boz Shepherds that maintain or improve the breed's versatility, function, conformation, and temperament.

(b)  Continue to learn and expand upon his or her knowledge of the breed and breed standard.

(c)  Stay well informed in the field of genetics and canine health to eliminate hereditary defects and diseases and improve the strengths of the breed within his or her breeding program.

(d)  Place dogs to approved homes in good health and in accordance with the TBBA Registered Breeders Bylaws.

e)  Use a Contract of Sale with the placement of each puppy that includes a health guarantee to protect both the Buyer and Seller.

(f)  Provide and honor all contracts regarding sales, agreements, stud service, etc.

(g)  Remain professional when interacting with the Registered Breeder Community and place the objectives of the Turkish Boz Breeders Association breeding program above his or her own personal breeding program objectives.