TBBA Registry

The Turkish Boz Breeders Association TBBA Registry site that provides all genetic and pedigree information on the Boz for breeders and their breeding programs.  Dog registration, litter registration, genetic DNA, OFA hip and elbow verification, pedigree lineage data, inbreeding coefficient, pictures, x-ray images, assessment tools, and more - all included!

The Boz Shepherd Breed Registry

The Boz Registry will grow to be a comprehensive pedigree and informational tool used by our breeders to ensure the longevity and success in future breedings of the Boz Shepherd.  As Boz puppies grow in their new homes, we encourage and urge our new family members to keep in touch and provide us with pertinent health and temperament information to guide our breeding program for the continued betterment of the Boz breed.

How the Registry Works

The Registry is based on a vertical pedigree system as described in Rhonda Hovan's article entitled "Collecting and utilizing phenotypic data to minimize disease: A breeder's practical guide" published by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).  Many health issues seen in larger breeds are both environmental and polygenic (meaning that the traits that cause the issue are found in several genes rather than one), or in some cases such as thyroid issues, the mode of inheritance is unknown.  In both instances, health issues that arise in larger breeds due to these genotypic traits make them more difficult to isolate and eliminate from a breeding program.  Although Boz Shepherds currently DO NOT have the same incidence rate or as many health issues as most other large breed canines, our breeders desire to maintain the healthiness of the breed and feel that the vertical pedigree is a tool that will promote an ethical and successful breeding program for decades to come. 

What Dogs can be Registered?

Historically, the Boz Shepherd is a regional variant of the livestock guardian dogs found throughout Turkey.  Many dogs are being imported into the breeding program to maintain the health, function, and vitality of the breed.  While all dogs utilized were the dogs of the Nomadic Yoruk Turkmen that shared common function, temperament, and certain breed characteristics, the diversity in lineage and blood will ensure a genetic diversity that will help to reduce many of the present day genetic diseases seen in large breed dogs.  

To preserve and maintain the health, strength, appropriate guardian temperament, and longevity of the Boz Shepherd, our breeders in the United States strive to continue breeding the Boz Shepherd as it was done for centuries in Turkey.  In order to maintain genetic diversity in the breeding program, our breed association will allow registration of pure Boz Shepherds, from both a registered pure dam and sire, as well as registration of percentage Boz Shepherds.  

Percentage Boz Shepherds will be bred for the sole purpose of maintaining the genetic diversity of the lines that exist today, but offspring will be identified and registered as percentages in the registry and in no way be authorized for advertising or sale as a pure Boz.  A percentage Boz will be the offspring of a registered pure Boz and a pre-authorized Turkish Shepherd dog, namely the Kangal or another regional variant of Yoruk.  Percentage dogs will be registered according to their percentage, but that percentage will not be below 50% Boz Shepherd.  Each mating with a percentage will need to be with a registered pure Boz.  Percentage Boz Shepherds bred to percentage Boz Shepherds will not be registrable.  Percentage breedings of 96.87% Boz or higher can be registered as pure Boz Shepherds, not as a percentage.

The Boz Shepherd WILL NOT be bred to prey-driven dogs, or to any dog without Breed Association pre-approval for the safety of the breed.

Access the Registry

Check the lineage of your new puppy and make sure that your Boz Shepherd is registered to ensure that the best breeding practices have been followed.